To be the best travel & leisure services provider in Sri Lanka


Provide highest quality service to our customers with extremely trained and highly sophisticated supportive staff, experienced government approved travel guides, and well disciplines drivers

Usage of latest communication mediums to facilitate most efficient communication experience to understand our customers requirements

Facilitate highest health & safety, security precautions for our customers

Maintain environment friendly service to our customers always

Understand customers’ requirements and achieve maximum client satisfaction from all our services

About Oway Travels

Our team at Oway Travels & Holidays (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading tourism & travel services providers in Sri Lanka. We are equipped with extremely trained and highly sophisticated supportive staff, and able to deliver all types of travel & leisure requirements of customers.

We would able to serve you with arranging transportation reservations including airlines, luxury trains, busses, cars, vans and all other travel mediums; accommodation reservations including hotels, guest houses, bungalows, etc; travel & leisure packages including various short-term & long-term travel arrangements customised to your requirements. In addition, we are specialised in understanding and facilitating travel & leisure services for all local & international customers. Further we would like to highlight that we have already served many tourists visited Sri Lanka from America, Japan, Australia, Europe, Central Asia, Korea, India & China, with our unique travel & leisure services from our company.

Furthermore, we have provided our highest attention to the safe driving of our drivers which will enable health & safety precautions of our customers at highest priority. We are maintaining a network of transportation services within many key cities in Sri Lanka, which will meet daily transportation requirements of local customers.

Scope of Services

Facilitate all types of accommodation reservations (including hotels, guest houses, bungalows, etc)

Provide all types of Transportation Reservations (including airlines, luxury trains, busses, cars, vans, etc)

Provide Travel Guide services for all tourist attractions within Sri Lanka

Provide assistance in obtaining Visa for travel arrangements

Development & organising foreign travel packages to meet customers’ requirements

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